Yasmeen Rafih

Although Yasmeen left this world at the young age of 13, full of youth, kindness and love, her legacy and spirit that embody all her beauty will live on forever.

Yasmeen Rafih lived a blessed and beautiful life, and traveled around the world, experiencing all the beauty that this world offers.  And now her experiences are even better, in a place we can only dream of reaching, the highest heavens in God’s universe. 

On January 10th, 2017, Yasmeen’s beautiful experiences came to an end on this world, after suffering a very brief, undiagnosed blood disorder, known as Factor-5-Leiden. Yasmeen was never held back by this disorder - she never knew she had it - and it never impacted her blessed life.  Yasmeen was blossoming into a soccer star and had just made her school basketball team.  She also participated in her school drama club and was the master of ceremonies at her school's Remembrance Day Ceremony with over 600 participants. 

Yasmeen’s short but beautiful life was a blessing from Allah  and it was her faith, and all that her mother and grandmothers taught her that prepared her for what Allah SWT had ultimately planned for her. May Allah bless her, strengthen her and guide her to eternal happiness.