Every girl deserves to dream, and every dream deserves a chance to become reality. Yasmeen's Foundation is focused on helping impoverished girls become healthy, safe and gain access to a quality education.

To maximize our reach and the impact of your donations, we partner with like-minded, local organizations in developing countries to provide a hand-up to impoverished girls.  

Yasmeen's Foundation supports several programs varying from girls’ retreats, where young girls learn how they can help others, to fundraising efforts assisting local charities and direct aid, where you can donate directly and be confident that 100% of your contribution will go directly to these projects ensuring the most impact possible.



Yasmeen’s family had the pleasure of meeting and aligning with the Mama Bari Charity that is dedicated to helping impoverished girls in one of the poorest cities in the world, Dhaka Bangladesh. For the past 10 years, Mahboob, the founder and visionary behind Mama Bari, has dedicated his life to helping over 74 children that come from the streets of Dhaka and surround his humble home  and transformed their lives through education, compassion and hope.  Without Mama Bari, these girls would not be in school learning valuable life skills and would instead be married at very young ages or working on the streets or in the sub-standard factories of Bangladesh. Mahboob and his respected board of trustees have built an incredible organization and Yasmeen’s Foundation is honoured to partner with a local charity that is so well aligned with its mission and objectives.  

Little Steps.JPG

little steps - helping young GIRLS in malaysia

Yasmeen’s Foundation is proud to partner with Little Steps, a Malaysian non-profit organization dedicated to helping young, underprivileged girls get a solid foundation and education.

Yasmeen’s Foundation recently had the wonderful opportunity to visit Little Steps first live-in shelter for underprivileged girls, Haneen Firdous. There are currently 8 girls, ranging in age from 10 to 15, living full-time at this fully equipped house donated rent-free by a generous donor. The girls attend a nearby school and transportation is arranged during school holidays for the girls to visit their families. 

Haneen Firdous is run by two full-time qualified staff who live with the girls and is supported by the dedicated and caring Little Steps Board of Directors led by Dr. Aida and six other professionals. 



Yasmeen's Foundation is committed to helping underprivileged families in Syria and abroad. Although we have not yet established a partnership with a like-minded charity on-the-ground in Syria, as we have in Bangladesh and Malaysia, we are hoping to do so within the next 12-months. In the meantime all Syrian aid, donated through Yasmeen’s Foundation, is being directed to:

  • established, trusted charities in Lebanon, Turkey and Syria

  • local (Calgary-based) Syrian refugees with young children in need of adequate shelter and education